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Which WONDR Liquid best suits me?Updated a month ago

Welcome to our WONDR Liquids, an innovative and sustainable personal care solution. These powders are designed to be mixed with lukewarm water, allowing you to easily make your own 500 ml shampoo or body wash!

Per fragrance, you have a choice between a Body Wash Refill or a Shampoo Refill. Below you can see which refill is suitable for which skin and hair type!

Coconut 🥥

Suitable for all skin types and normal hair. Coconut offers a refreshing and exotic experience in the shower.

Herbal 🌿

For all skin types and especially for damaged hair. The mild formula of the scrub in the Herbal Sensation Body Wash is suitable for daily use without irritating the skin.

Peach 🍑

Suitable for all skin types and for oily hair. Peach offers refreshing cleansing and relieves you from an itchy scalp. Your hair will feel light, fresh and soft.

WONDR Liquids are not only eco-friendly, but also completely biodegradable. All fragrances are also suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and are part of our sensitive line.

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