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WONDR Liquids

Which WONDR Liquid best suits me?

Welcome to our WONDR Liquids, an innovative and sustainable personal care solution. These powders are designed to be mixed with lukewarm water, allowing you to easily make your own 500 ml shampoo or body wash!. Per fragrance, you have a choice betwee

I am experiencing problems with the Liquid bottle & cap

It is important to assemble the bottle correctly. You can follow the simple steps using the video found at the bottom of this page. 👀 Watch the video here. If it still does not work, or if a part is missing, please contact our customer service hello

How to use the WONDR Liquids

Step 1: assembling the bottle. Start by unscrewing the cap, which consists of two parts. Make sure the lower part is firmly attached to the bottle, where a precise fit is essential to avoid leakage. Step 2: add hot water. Next, half fill the bottle w

WONDR Handsoap

We recently launched the WONDR Handsoap! It's available in two fragrances: Cherry Blossom and Soft Cotton. First, you buy a bundle, which contains a reusable glass bottle and already a refill. Then simply buy the refills 😇. How does it work? It's th